Why Do You Need It?

As a business, you can interact more with your existing customers (through bulletins, announcements and even text messages) and market to new customers in a targeted fashion. If you have an individual website, customers have to think of you before coming to your page. If you're sending out emails to customers, you're probably getting spam emails that people rarely check. Social media allows you to be in front of customers throughout their day. Whether they're chatting with a new love interest, checking up on old friends, or just playing Farmville, you're there. With more and more people turning to mobile devices such as the iPhone, your business can’t afford to be left behind in an increasingly web and mobile driven age.

It's a numbers game. Use of social media is now the #1 activity online. 96% of Gen Y has joined at least one social network. 78% of consumers trust peer reviews over 14% who trust advertising. Social media allows you as a business to engage customers at all times. (over 50% of all Facebook users are on the site DAILY)

Did you know that market research shows only 17% of the people who leave your business dissatisfied will let you know about it. That's less than 1 in 5. Who are the other 4 people talking too? Now, with Monarch Social Media Management, you'll know! You'll receive detailed reports monthly, weekly, or even daily. Our service will give you insight never before seen into the minds of your customers. You'll have a decided advantage as you strategize promotions, contests, even drink specials.

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